Configuration of vRA – Part 3

In Part 3 we're going to finalize the configuration of our vRA deployment. Content blog article ConfigurationCreate entitlementsCreate serviceCreate blueprintCreate entitlementSRM integrationvRO SRM pluginCloudclient install on SRM serversEncountered issuesAdding vSphere endpoint failedAdding Directory fails with ERROR_BAD_FORMATChange global timeout Configuration 1. Create entitlements 1. Create a service To be able to create entitlements you first need... Continue Reading →

VRO: no logs for workflow runs

Today I had another great issue that eventually got resolved. The problem was that on neither of my built-in vRO appliances I saw the logging of my workflows that ran. On both appliances I just saw "No logs found". Not really handy while you're in the middle of troubleshooting some workflows. Phase 1 troubleshooting First... Continue Reading →

Configuration of vRA – Part 2

In Part 2 we're continuing our configuration. Content blog article ConfigurationActive Directory policiesCreate Active Directory endpointCreate Active Directory policyCreating reservationsCreate a Business GroupCreate a reservation policyCreate a network profileCreate a ReservationConfigure cross-site deploymentsConfigure your web serversConfigure your compute resources Configuration 1. Active Directory policies This is a 2-step process. First you will need to create... Continue Reading →

Configuration of vRA – Part 1

After we did the deployment through LCM in part 1 (link) and we checked our deployment in part 2 (link) it's now time to actually start the configuration of our vRealize environment. Content blog article ConfigurationCreate tenantsCreate vSphere endpointsCreate Active Directory LinkUpdate Identity providerCreate Fabric groups Configuration 1. Create tenants Login with the administrator account... Continue Reading →

vRA 7.4 pre-check fails for patch HF13

Hey everyone, this week I had an issue while deploying patch HF13 on a greenfield vRA 7.4 environment. My precheck failed, but when you opened the "Previous PreCheck Status" everything was green. This issue was resolved together with VMware support, so make sure that you have the same issue, before executing the steps below. Support... Continue Reading →

Rebooting your vRA environment

For me personally, it wasn't really clear how you needed to reboot your vRA environment. Also when I followed the procedure I always had issues during startup.So to clarify the process, I'll write an article about it, that always helps myself to better understand it (or at least I hope so 🙂 ) This is... Continue Reading →

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